How the build system works

Once the build request has been sent to build system. The build system will start to build using: ./gradlew assembleDebug. The debug.apk will be uploaded to after build is done.

The default location of debug.apk should under app/build/outputs/apk/. If it's not under this directory, you should change the value of output dir.

If you should run ./gradlew assembleDebug in a sub-directory, you can type the command in cd xxxx in the before build bash command textarea.


  1. 目前仅仅支持 gradle 项目。使用 ./gradlew assembleDebug 进行构建。
  2. 请求提交之后,构建需要一些时间,构建完之后,构建产物会被上传到
  3. 默认构建产物 debug.apkapp/build/outputs/apk/ 下,如果不是,请修改 output dir 的值。比如在sample 目录下,则应该修改为 sample/build/outputs/apk/
  4. 如果需要进入到子文件夹进行构建,可在 before build bash command 文本框中输入 cd xxxx 等bash命令进入到目标子文件夹。