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Minimum SDK Level: Jelly Bean (18 | 4.3)


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Welcome to Grafika, a dumping ground for Android graphics & media hacks.

Grafika is:

  • A collection of hacks exercising graphics features.
  • An SDK app, developed for API 18 (Android 4.3). While some of the code may work with older versions of Android, no effort will be made to support them.
  • Open source (Apache 2 license), copyright by Google. So you can use the code according to the terms of the license (see "LICENSE").
  • A perpetual work-in-progress. It's updated whenever the need arises.


  • It's not stable.
  • It's not polished or well tested. Expect the UI to be ugly and awkward.
  • It's not intended as a demonstration of the proper way to do things. The code may handle edge cases poorly or not at all. Logging is often left enabled at a moderately verbose level.
  • It's barely documented.
  • It's not part of the Android Open Source Project. We cannot accept contributions to Grafika, even if you have an AOSP CLA on file.
  • It's NOT AN OFFICIAL GOOGLE PRODUCT. It's just a bunch of stuff that got thrown together on company time and equipment.
  • It's generally just not supported.

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