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Minimum SDK Level: Gingerbread (10 | 2.3.3 - 2.3.4)


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by @inferjay


by @inferjay


Highly flexible Android Camera which offers granular control over the video quality and filesize, while restricting recordings to be landscape only.

There are a number of issues with the default Android intent to capture videos (MediaStore.ACTION_VIDEO_CAPTURE) which led me to create this library project:

  1. The default intent only accepts integer quality parameters of 0 (MMS quality) or 1 (highest available quality), using the intent extra MediaStore.EXTRA_VIDEO_QUALITY.
  2. The default intent does not return the URI of the recorded file if it was specified when launching the intent.
  3. The default intent doesn't care wheter users capture their video in portait mode or landscape.


This library provides a full and reusable custom camera, which:

  • Forces the users to rotate their device to landscape
  • Allows to specify the filename, or have the library generate one for you
  • Allows very granular control over the capture settings:
    • Resolution
    • Bitrate
    • Max filesize
    • Max video duration
    • audio/video codec
    • ...

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