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LoganSquare VS GSON && Jackson'sDataBind

by @jackL-e-e


Android最快的JSON解析库。基于Jackson的streaming API,LoganSquare 可以超越GSON和Jackson 的DataBind 库400%或者以上的速度。

The fastest JSON parsing and serializing library available for Android. Based on Jackson's streaming API, LoganSquare is able to consistently outperform GSON and Jackson's Databind library by 400% or more1. By relying on compile-time annotation processing to generate code, you know that your JSON will parse and serialize faster than any other method available.

By using this library, you'll be able to utilize the power of Jackson's streaming API without having to code tedius, low-level code involving JsonParsers or JsonGenerators. Instead, just annotate your model objects as a @JsonObject and your fields as @JsonFields and we'll do the heavy lifting for you.

Don't believe it could improve upon Jackson Databind's or GSON's performance that much? Well, then check out the nifty graphs below for yourself. Not convinced? Feel free to build and run the BenchmarkDemo app included in this repository.